Some questions about Geothermal systems

Do geothermal heat pumps heat and cool my home?

Geothermal heat pumps can both heat and cool your home. The same loop works for both heating and cooling. To supply heat, the system pulls heat from the Earth and circulates it through your conventional duct system. For cooling, the system pulls heat from your home and moves it back into the earth. A geothermal system can also be used to provide hot water and dehumidify your home.

How efficient is a geothermal heat pump?

The Environmental Protection Agency considers geothermal heat pumps to be one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available. Since geothermal systems use the constant temperature of the earth to deliver heat and cooling for your home, they can reach 300% to 600% efficiency. You’ll receive consistent temperatures that are much warmer in the winter than conventional heat pumps provide and cooler, dehumidified air in the summer.

How soon will I see the savings with a geothermal heat pump?

Although the purchase and installation cost of a residential geothermal heat pump is higher than that of other heating and cooling systems, its high efficiency will result in much lower utility bills, allowing your initial investment to be recouped in as little as two to five years. Plus, financing and incentives for choosing renewable energy can save you even more money on your investment.

Can I use a geothermal heat pump where I live?

Geothermal heat pumps can be used almost anywhere as ground temperatures are relatively constant throughout the United States. The system takes advantage of the Earth’s constant temperature by circulating water or other liquids through pipes buried in a continuous loop, either horizontally or vertically depending on how much land area is available.

Will the buried loop affect lawn or landscaping?

Once buried, loops do not affect the growth of landscaping. The installation of a horizontal loop will require more landscape restoration than a vertical loop installation.

How long will a geothermal heat pump last?

Some questions about Geothermal systems

A geothermal heat pump can last twice as long as conventional heating and cooling systems. The underground piping is usually warranteed for up to 50 years, and the heat pump for 20 or more years. With long life and little maintenance requirements, overall system costs are much lower with geothermal systems.