Solar Installation Video

Rooftops are the best location for solar panel installation because they can easily capture the sun’s energy and already have the structural specifications that solar panels require.

Most Solar PV systems can be installed within a few days of starting the installation process. Prior to laying the panels down, weather-resistant brackets and rails are securely installed directly on your roof to lay the foundation for the renewable energy system.


The solar panels are installed one at a time, using an interconnection system that locks them in place on your roof. The panels are then wired to an inverter that converts the power to electricity to use in your home.

Homeowners should expect to have their power shut off for a short amount of time during the final stages of the installation process. After the solar panels are installed on your roof, there is very little noise or maintenance required, due to a lack of moving parts.

For more information on what to expect when installing a Solar PV system on your roof, connect with a Professional Installer today.