I Can Sell Electricity?

You bet you can.  And lots of people are earning lots of money doing it.  You see, competition has been introduced in the electricity market in Texas and other states.  There is a company in Texas that gives you and me the opportunity to earn monthly income from electricity customers.  Know anyone that uses electricity?


As energy consultants, we work from home, gathering a handful of electricity customers, and build a team of like-minded individuals who also gather a handful of electricity customers.  Doing this, you can garner a residual income that quite frankly, is staggering.  For every electricity customer gathered by your team, you will be paid every month, every time they pay their bill.  Can you think of a more perfect product?  The electricity bill is the one bill that has to be paid… it cannot be delayed or put off.

Maybe you are like a lot of people that work long hours and sometimes even on weekends.  Perhaps your current work plan is even paying all your bills.  But, do you have much left after bill paying to do anything on your ‘wish list?’   No?   And month after month, it goes on…  I know, I was there..

I am not suggesting you quit your ‘day job.’   But,  how about something that can produce EXTRA INCOME or serious enough money which allows you to get and do some of the things you want, instead of only the things you need?

Let me ask you a simple question:

Do you know anyone who uses electricity?

That may sound like a dumb question, but think about it.. really think about it.  We all use it.    Second question:  How many people do you think would like to pay less for that electricity?   Those two questions are easy to answer.join-ambit-energy-start-making-money-now

Here is the exciting part:   you can make a substantial ongoing monthly income just by sharing with people how they can pay less for their electricity.  Something they ALREADY buy, every month, no matter what.

REMEMBER: EVERYONE uses electricity and everyone likes to save money, and you can help them save a lot every year.