Home Energy Audit Pricing

There are two types of Home Energy Audits.  The first type of audit is known by various names, such as Comprehensive, Diagnostic or Full Service, Home Energy Audit.  The second type also has various monikers, such as Clipboard, Walk Through, Home Energy Survey.

The difference is the amount of time spent, the diagnostics used during the audit, and the type of report provided. A description of the various components of a Home Energy Audit isavailable

A typical Diagnostic Home Energy Audit, will take 3 – 6 hours for a single family home.  It will include a Blower Door Test, a detailed Infrared Scan, and other tests as determined during the field work. The duct work will be inspected. Pressure Testing of the Duct Work is an additional diagnostic test that is warranted in some cases.

The report will run from 6 – 20+ pages plus the Infrared Image Reporting. It includes a detailed description of the work to address items noted. A computer model of the Energy Usage in the home is included. This Report includes a HERS Report which is required for many programs including an FHA Energy Efficiency Mortgage. The report for a Diagnostic Home Energy Audit is personally reviewed with the home owner.

A typical Home Energy Survey involves one to two hours of field work. No diagnostic testing is used. The Infrared Scan may assist the Auditor in some areas.

The report will run three – ten pages. It will not include any Infrared Reporting.  The report will provide a estimate of the energy usage in the home and suggested work to improve the performance of the home. It will include the necessary certification by the HERS Rater to qualify for a Veteran’s Administration Energy Efficient Mortgage. The report of a Home Energy Survey is delivered by email or USPS.

Home Energy Audit Pricing

Pricing as of April, 2015

Diagnostic Home Energy Audit:                              $425.00

Home Energy Survey:                                                $225.00

Mileage Rates are included for nearby areas. Areas farther out, have a mileage charge. The need for and the actual cost of the mileage charge is determined prior to scheduling the audit.